Pet Grooming Services:
  • Full Service: includes bathing using a premium oatmeal or refreshing aloe pet shampoo specifically pH balanced for dogs and cats, a conditioning treatment, nailing trimming, ear care, combing, drying and styling to your specifications.
    • Add-ons:
      • Flea bath $5-$15        
      • Grind nails $3
      • Anal glands $5
      • Luxury shampoo $5
      • Moisturizing treatment $10-$15
  • Dematting: requires a great deal of time and care. It can be painful to your pet. We reserve the right to refuse to demat any pet when it will negatively impact their health and safety. If dematting becomes dangerous to your pet, we will end the styling session. Rate for dematting is $40 per hour.
  • Ala carte services:
    • Nail Clipping $10
    • Nail Clipping and Filing $15
    • Anal Glands $ 15 
  • Payment methods: Cash or Check

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